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Unraveling the Mysteries of a candidate ship: pre-purchase survey of a Bulk Carrier

Updated: May 4

Ahoy there, maritime enthusiasts! 🌊🔭 We're thrilled to share the incredible feat our team accomplished this week in Rotterdam, as we took our marine expertise to new heights onboard a magnificent handy-sized bulk carrier!! 🌟🚢

Pre-purchase inspection of cargo hold #4
Pre-purchase inspection of cargo hold #4

This week we set sail to unravel the mysteries of a candidate ship and carried out a comprehensive pre-purchase survey for an esteemed Client of ours🛳️🌊

From bow to stern, we meticulously inspected every nook and cranny, leaving no stone unturned in our mission to shed light on every corner of this beautiful candidate 🌊⚓

Buying a ship? Have the experts survey her & conduct the pre-purchase inspection ! Don't miss your chance to download a free sample report below 👇👇👇
Sample Pre-Purchase Survey Report
Download PDF • 548KB

What we achieved

We conducted a detailed pre-purchase survey & inspection of the vessel's hull and machinery to ensure top-notch performance. 🌊 Explored and analyzed crew's adherence to ISM standards & overall maintenance of the ship 🔍

We conducted on-board maintenance evaluations, contributing to the ship's longevity and seaworthiness 🛠️

We provided a comprehensive report to our esteemed Clients, providing them with precision & clarity. This shall enable them to make an informed decision on whether this ship is worth their 💲💲💲 or not.

Contact us today for a free quote & free sample S&P report! Let us be your trusted partner in your next S&P transaction & let’s set sail for success together! 🛳️ , or call us on 📞 +31 639 83 45 81

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