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SIRE 2.0 Pre-Vetting Inspections

We prepare your ship to pass SIRE 2.0 with flying colors.

Is your fleet adequately prepared to successfully navigate a SIRE 2.0 inspection?


Additionally, how well-acquainted are you or your crew with the novel challenges introduced by SIRE 2.0?


It's crucial to gauge your readiness and familiarity with these evolving standards to ensure a smooth and compliant inspection process.

Get compliant with SIRE 2.0.

We have written an article on the novelties & challenges that SIRE 2.0 introduces.

In a nutshell, one of the most significant updates in SIRE 2.0 is the incorporation of the human factor. This change recognizes the crucial role that crew members play in maintaining vessel safety and performance.


The new inspection framework involves interviewing and assessing more crew members during the vetting inspection, ensuring that they are well-prepared to address any SIRE 2.0 question relevant to their vessel and demonstrating their effective operation of the vessel on a day-to-day basis.

Not only that, but SIRE 2.0 questionnaire has been enriched with an expanded set of comprehensive questions, ensuring a more thorough and nuanced assessment of maritime safety and operational standards.

With a meticulous and thorough approach, we excel in conducting comprehensive SIRE 2.0 Pre-Vetting inspections, ensuring your ship is well-prepared to pass its upcoming vetting with flying colors. Our assessments not only meet but exceed industry standards, employing stringent criteria to examine every aspect of your tanker operations.

We not only highlight areas of compliance but also provide strategic recommendations for improvement.


With a dedicated focus on precision and efficiency, our SIRE 2.0 pre-vetting inspections guarantee a seamless and compliant maritime operation. Choose confidence; choose us to elevate your maritime standards with our unparalleled expertise in SIRE 2.0 pre-vetting inspections.

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