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Superintendency &
Owners' Representation

Upcoming Vetting Inspection, Class survey or perhaps a Port State Detention?
We got you covered.

Upcoming Class Surveys or Flag Inspection ? Urgent repairs ? Perhaps your vessel has been detained by PSC & you are looking for immediate solutions, right here right now ?

We got you covered.

When the unforeseen happens, our team is equipped with the expertise to navigate these complexities swiftly & efficiently.

Your Ship, Our Concern.

Having a local representative who understands the playing field is especially crucial in dire situations, such as a PSC detention. We act as your local voice & advocate, fighting for your best interests & ensuring the owner's voice is heard. It takes a fair amount of persuasion & tact to secure a favorable outcome. This is where we step in & we make sure to mitigate damages or further complications.

We shoulder the responsibility, provide regular updates & act as a reliable point of contact, keeping you informed all the way throughout the process, until we bring the desired result.

​We are on call 24/7 to answer your needs. Our dedicated team ensures accurate execution, prompt response, flawless results, all dealt within a timely manner.

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