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On-Off Hire Surveys

Navigating your Charter with precision & care.

Accurate execution of an on/off-hire survey is of vital importance to Charterers. It serves as the foundation for a successful charter. It prevents disputes & mitigates risk.


This is where we step-in: we deliver comprehensive on/off-hire surveys which cover bunker quantities, scrutiny of the vessel’s holds or tanks, the general state of the vessel and machinery, and any additional areas Charterers may require.

We prevent Charter Disputes.

Our ability to uncover hidden issues or defects -that may not be immediately apparent- is what makes us differ. It enables our Principals to make informed decisions & ensure that their investment meets their expectations.

We conduct surveys in a clear, crisp & transparent manner. Being transparent is the cornerstone of building trust. This is something that we will never compromise on – we know the importance of partnering up with highly capable individuals & trusted organizations.


This is why charterers place their trust on us. Over the years, we have worked tirelessly to build a better trust and understanding with our Principals.

To do so, we have built relations of trust with major players in the industry.
This can make such a telling difference to the way that you work, think and manage your shipping needs for years to come.

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