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Bunker Surveys

Where accuracy meets precision.

As a ship's charter comes to an end & the vessel is set to be handed back to her owners, the pivotal moment of conducting bunker surveys arrives.


This juncture demands unwavering confidence in the precision of the remaining onboard bunker quantities, to ensure fair transactions and prevent any unwarranted financial implications.

Know your ROB's. No more discrepancies.

Selecting a reputable firm becomes paramount, one that instills assurance and peace of mind. Whether you find yourself in the role of a Charterer returning a vessel to her Owners or, conversely, an Owner preparing for the redelivery of a ship, we stand ready to serve you.


Our commitment is to represent your interests diligently, undertaking a bunker quantity survey characterized by reliability and accuracy.

Bunker surveys are complex procedures, specifically crafted to ascertain the exact volume of fuel (bunkers) remaining in a ship's fuel tanks. This assessment is critical for fostering transparency between all parties involved, with the utmost importance placed on precise measurements to eradicate discrepancies and potential disputes.


Overcoming these challenges demands the expertise of seasoned surveyors boasting a proven track record, armed with advanced tools & modern equipment for meticulous calculations.

In the intricate web of commercial operations, a dependable bunker survey is non-negotiable. This is where we come into play, offering the maritime industry trustworthy bunker quantity surveys. Opt for us, opt for confidence, and allow us to be your preferred bunker surveying firm.

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