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Draft Surveys

Enjoy the confidence of accurate cargo quantity measurements.

Draft surveys are essential for ensuring precise cargo operations.


They involve meticulous calculations to determine the exact cargo loaded onto or discharged from a vessel.


This information is critical for shipowners, operators, and charterers, aiding in informed decision-making during loading and discharging operations.

Cargo Quantities made accurate. At last.

At Virtue Marine, we invite you to join us on a journey marked by precision and excellence.


Draft surveys are not merely a service but a testament to our passion and expertise. We implement a meticulously crafted methodology that harmonizes advanced technology with time-honed techniques, guaranteeing each survey is executed with unparalleled precision and efficiency.


Our seasoned team of maritime experts carefully evaluates vessel drafts, utilizing cutting-edge equipment and industry-leading practices to deliver precise results that ensure accurate readings and measurements.

By selecting Virtue Marine for your draft surveys, you're not just prioritizing accuracy; you're embracing peace of mind. Our thorough and transparent approach to draft surveys mitigates disputes between Shippers and Receivers, providing clear and indisputable measurements that foster seamless cargo transactions and strengthen stakeholder relationships.

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