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Diesel Generators high L.O consumption successfully resolved

Updated: May 4

Contaminated bunkers: the usual suspect

Overhaul of Diesel Generator

The problem

Our client was alerted of extremely high L.O consumption on one of their ship's D/G. The vessel was en route to Antwerp. The ship's ETA was 10 days later, giving us plenty of time to prepare until the vessel arrived in Antwerp: we immediately established lines of communication with the Ch/Eng onboard, while our onshore team made sure to source the necessary spares without delay and make them available upon the vessel's arrival in Antwerp.

Contaminated bunkers are a common cause of Diesel Generators failure, leading to high FO & LO consumption

The cause

Right from the get-go we suspected failed piston rings & worn cylinder liners. Our riding squad boarded the ship immediately upon arrival & overhaul of the D/G confirmed our assumptions.

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Sample Report
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The solution

Our riding squad managed to overhaul the entire D/G & replace the pistons, piston rings, re-conditioned cyl. Covers & check alignment of the conn. rods. FO & LO Consumption of the Diesel Generators returned to normal again.

All works were completed in less than 4 days, while in port. Thus, no delay for our Client & the ship departed on time !

We thereafter provided a comprehensive report to the Ship Owners, providing them with precision, clarity & accurate information on the job carried out.

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