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Rightship 2.0 Pre-Vetting Inspections

Navigate the Waters of RightShip 2.0 with assurance.

Is your fleet prepared to navigate the challenges of a RightShip 2.0 inspection seamlessly?

Understanding the intricacies introduced by the latest RightShip standards is crucial. Our role is to assist you in efficiently preparing for a RightShip vetting inspection, evaluating your readiness and comprehension of these evolving criteria.

Get compliant with RightShip 2.0.

RightShip vetting, conducted by Charterers, is designed to assess the safety and environmental performance of vessels, forming a crucial part of the ship vetting process. The focus is on evaluating the condition and compliance of Bulk Carriers.

RightShip primarily evaluates the structural integrity of a ship, its safety equipment, and operational and crew competence standards.

Given the evolving nature of criteria and procedures, RightShip revamped its Inspection Questionnaire in 2021 to align more closely with the maritime industry's need for a standardized questionnaire for Dry Bulk Inspections. This revision provides assurance to charterers that they are selecting the right vessel. Simultaneously, it supports ship owners and managers in operating vessels in compliance with the industry's best safety practices and standards.

With our meticulous and comprehensive approach, we specialize in conducting thorough RightShip 2.0 Pre-Vetting Inspections for your Fleet. Our process transcends mere compliance, striving for excellence that surpasses industry standards. We apply stringent criteria to scrutinize every facet of your bulk carrier operations.

Our evaluations not only pinpoint areas of compliance but also provide strategic insights for enhancement. Dedicated to precision and operational efficiency, our RightShip 2.0 pre-vetting inspections guarantee a seamlessly integrated and fully compliant maritime operation. Opt for assurance; select our services to elevate your maritime standards, benefiting from our unparalleled expertise in RightShip 2.0 pre-vetting inspections.

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